my dear little bird

don’t be quiet,
speak up
don’t hide
it’s okay,
it is safe

feather up
chin up,
don’t be shy

come on,
you little bird
speak up

no one,
no one
can tell your story
the way you can

go on,
go on
my little dearie,

let the world know,
my little bird has grown


lost in time

I stand (on my tiptoes)
and peer into the distance,
( zoom in, zoom out) 

they seem to come and go
like echoes,
lost in a never-ending maze;
bits and pieces,
a hazy picture (here)
a forgotten face (there)



the lost memories
fade away;
fade away,
into nothingness

4 am

Life is uncertain.

It starts off right,
then somehow
gets all tangled up.
The finish line,
nowhere in sight.

People are whooshing past me,
But I seem to linger,
in the same place;
stuck in time.

This period of nothingness;
the utter silence with none in sight,
it gets lonesome.
Sad, uncertain and lonely.

sweet embrace

how I wish, yearn
for you to take me;
take me
to one of those
dark places of yours

words lose meaning
and physics its laws;

a thousand gunshots
blazing fire,
make no sound
cold as ice;

you clench
my throbbing heart,
it melts;

and I keep
falling and falling;
and it gets
darker and darker

So long

Here after what is written ~
It was

for some,
in good spirit,
to part on good terms
how do you
bid farewell
to those
who never
saw you;
a ghost,
soon to be

[14 May, 2017]
[To erstwhile college mates]

Just a word of advice, go ahead only if you’re in the mood to read something really soppy.

I think it didn’t hit me until this moment. This is it!
I know it’s just a fact each one of us has known since quite some time now (not a surprise there). But I think I didn’t ,or to be more precise, didn’t want to believe it. Until this moment. And now, suddenly it all comes tumbling down, the heavy truth of it. That these are the last few days. And what lies beyond it, well, we’ll have to wait it out and see.

I don’t always express myself well. I let some things be left unsaid. Some words never spoken. But, I’m saying it now, I do love you all, each one of you.
If ever (intentionally unintentionally) I did say or do something wrong, please forgive me.
I’m sure we’ll be in touch. I truly do hope so. Whenever you need me. I’ll always be there. Just a call away.

Lots of love your way.
Each one of you, you’re so beautiful in your own way. I’m so glad to have found a friend in you all.
I wish you lots of happiness and sunshine and lots more. I hope you get all you want and more.

To the days left behind
And the days yet to come
It’ll be one heck of a journey!
P.S: Thank you for so much love. Lots of virtual hugs coming your way.

[I did write all that, eh? Overdid it with the post script, methinks. All in the past. Not so much love,  was it?]

Another land: I

 Drunken Alley: Photo Journal

I don’t understand, but I feel you

I wonder, is this the door to my destiny

I feel blue, the skies above and oceans beyond

Build a home with me, will you?

A lone cloud, drifting in the wide blue yonder

I used to live a quiet life

Don’t hide, sweet pea

The place I go to

Photo by Toby Wong on Unsplash

lost souls

when tired